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About 9 Coderz

About 9 Coderz

9 Coderz transcends all adversity a normal IT solutions company is facing. Equipped with a vision of becoming the best online solutions company today, we have our team of experts rigorously working and counting each efforts to bring the best solution in a cost-effective approach. We understand your needs so we are continuously creating flexible keys to your problems and all your business requirements. With over years of experience in digital design and marketing, we have come to develop a strong sense of responsibility to uphold all our clients’ necessity when it comes to online solutions.


Knowing what your clients need even before conveying them is a skill, and at BeesTech, we always keep our clients’ needs our top priority. We value a healthy business relationship with our clients and potential customers. Thus, providing them more than the solution itself but commitment to be with them all the way to their success by continual support even on post-project stages.

9 Coderz’s philosphy and practice is based on hard work, work and life balance, dedication to excellence and oath to deliver first-class and quality service every digital design company aims to be.

We will help you get the most out of your business!

Haseeb Ahmad
HN Tutors

Our entire project team at 9 Coderz did an amazing job. We have continued working with them to refine and expand our original vision.

James F. Ruffer
Marketing Manager

9 Coderz Sol has been amazing. They are not just code monkeys or drones. They are truly an extension of our core team. They challenge our ideas and have many times shown us better ways of completing our tasks. If there were stars to choose from I would give them 6 out of 5.


Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
Lahore, Pakistan and our team come from all over the country.

Mian Mohsin Ali

25 Years old Software Engineer From VU.

Hafiz Saad
Project Manager

25 Years old Software Engineer From GCU(f).

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